Testimony – God Has a Purpose For You

I love to hear the testimonies of persons who has been through the mud, then fire and purified. It shows how awesome and powerful God really is.

Testimonies of His Goodness


There is divine purpose to our life: I wasn’t born a Christian, but I grew up in church & my mom was a praying woman who would always intercede on her children’s behalf, praying that our souls would be saved, that we may be in right standing with the LORD God Almighty.

Having reached the age to make my own decisions, I chose to live my life to please myself & not God. I basically did it all. I drank, I smoked, I partied, fornicated, almost killed men, had gun in my home, etc. Having lived my own way, I ended up between a rock and a hard place. All I wanted was just a way out, just to alleviate the stress, but no avail no matter how much I tried or who I turned to. I began thinking suicidal. Until one night I cried out to Jesus as a…

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