The Mutual Request

More of God

It is so funny that the request we make are sometimes asked of us as well. This is what the Holy Spirit ministered to my heart this morning. As I cried out for more of God, I could not help but hear him saying, “I want more of you”. Here I was, thinking, that I was pressing in asking for more and would do the same things, to which he sets me straight in that, if I wanted more of him, he would also need more of me. Look at it from a farmer’s point of view, they will yield more crops, if they plant more seeds and work twice as hard. Why? Because planting without maintaining is the same as not planting at all. You either yield very little or nothing at all. 

Many times, we ask but never stop to think that maybe the same thing is required of us and in doing so, will then obtain results. This was my word this morning but maybe it’s for you as well. God is making a mutual request of you. He requires more of you. You find yourself being to stagnant. You think you can do more and truth is you can BUT God is saying “More of you”. As you press on in, he too will press into you, filling you up with more power, anointing and giving you a  deeper experience in the Holy Spirit. Go in. Give God more time and he will add more to you. Your request is mutual. Do not expect to receive if you don’t give. 

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5 thoughts on “The Mutual Request

  1. I’m really enjoying your writing. I think it’s cool that God does want us around. Someone could take it as God being mad, cause you aren’t as close as you could be, but when I hear God say He wants me more, I think it’s a cool way to draw me and Him closer together.

    -Peter from The Bridge

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  3. Reblogged this on Arise Woman and commented:

    While feasting on some knowledge about prayer and fasting, God reminded of this piece and I though it would be nice to share with you again. Enjoy.

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