Happy Emancipation


Today we celebrate Emancipation in our beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago. Many of you would not know what Emancipation is for us or what it means and for me to explain in depth, it would take a series of blogs. So to sum it all up, we celebrate freedom from once being slaves. See link for more information Emancipation Day – National Library. As a people we are proud to say we are free but when I look at our actions and the direction in which we are heading, I wonder really, if we are free. Besides the moral and value aspect of it, true freedom comes from God. John 8:36 – Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed. Freedom in the spiritual when emanated in the physical, brings a greater understanding and appreciation for life, hence we function with a greater boldness, confidence and authority.

Let us not only celebrate today but let us also, PRAY for our nation and it’s people. That we would walk into and live in the epitome of freedom. Let us not be a gaudy garrulous group of people with no action but let us stand tall as a lighthouse and reign in true freedom. For the Christians, I call on you to arise and do what is expected of you. Let us read the word and gain knowledge so that we can help our nation press forward into freedom and by extension the world. Love you my people. Love my beautiful paradise of a country,  Trinidad and Tobago.



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