Pillow Talk: Precious Creatures

Tonight I was talking to a young man who you can call “the life of the party”. He loves a “good lime”, as we say in Trinidad. What baffled me was his mindset of the girls who he would whole-heartedly share a dance with at these various events. To him, they were nothing at all. Just “ghetto rat” as he said and so he started listing all women the same. The saying, “Peter pays for Paul and Paul pays for all” raring its head high in this situation. I had to interject and set him straight or at least try to. However, my heart was broken. Broken for the way we as women are being seen because we fail to see who we are. Lack of valuing ourselves have landed us in a position that only God can redeem and restore. This was just the icing on a cake that was baked a couple of days ago.


Recently while coming from a band practice, the driver (a very young man), stopped for three young women to cross the road. The manner in which they were dressed, caused the young man and another guy, who was also in the vehicle to say a resounding “NOOOOO”. The girls themselves felt very uncomfortable and so I thought to myself. WHY? Why would you allow yourself to be disgraced like that? I was not angry with the men because they were just expressing themselves. My heart went out to the young women, in the fact that, they could not see their value more than skin deep.

Ladies we are precious creatures. Created with honour. Imagine God instructed men to love their wives like Christ love the church. That is a different deep kind of love. Love that society would say is only fit for a Queen and maybe it is so. However, that Queen is you. You are a Queen, royal, more precious than the most expensive pearls and rubies. Never allow yourself to be looked upon with scant courtesy and scorn but stand tall and powerful as you are, shining in all your virtuous glory. When you wear next to nothing, you are saying that I am nothing. Take it from a woman who have been there.  Some may beg to differ but the response from men would tell you. Try dressing differently (if you are a lover of skimpy clothing) and you would see the difference in the approach. Love yourself. Be proud of who you are. You were beautifully and wonderfully made by God. A precious creature should be treated preciously. Never settle for less than your God-given worth. BE PRECIOUS.



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