Pillow Talk: Reading Between The Lines


As a woman who was been placed in this position, I can tell you that it should not be accepted when a man leaves you to read between the lines. Think about the following scenario for a moment.

Scenario: You and this particular gentleman, who you would have adapted feelings for, continues to talk frequently . He partially indicates to you that he likes you, operating as if you are in a relationship (to an extent) and at intervals reminds you that you all are friends.  What will you do? Will you continue to go along with it or will you, not accept it and move on?

I’ll tell you about me and would love to know what you think in the comment box below. Experiencing rock bottom and knowing what it feels like to be used and emotionally abused, many might view my stance as an act of  “revenge” but in my humble opinion, I believe that a woman is worth more than the “read between the lines” plot. What is wrong with affirming a woman on how you feel about her? If a man is not interested in a person, then it will be only fair to inform them of such, clearing the atmosphere and continuing a free mutual friendship. Why do I say free? Simply because both parties would be at ease, knowing the reality of the situation. When one person is reading into gestures the wrong way, it leaves room for development of emotional soars, which can scar what was once a good friendship. Many men would like to have their cake and eat it to, so they sometimes keep us women in a firm grip but simultaneously at bay, to fulfill their personal desires. Ladies we are a beautiful precious creation and should never allow ourselves to be treated this way. If you have to read between the lines, do so by realizing who you are and how much of an effort you are worth. Beautifully and wonderfully made by God at a high price you are. As Gospel Rapper D’Aych says in our interview with him Beautiful You Are – Interview with Daniel Harris (D’Aych), men respect women who respects themselves. So you would be treated according to your standards. Do not belittle yourself by allowing men to leave you to “read between the lines”. It’s either they affirm what they are about or they allow you to wait on the right person to pick the beautiful blossoming flower(you).


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3 thoughts on “Pillow Talk: Reading Between The Lines

  1. So true. Don’t know why some men like to have us playing the “Waiting or guessing game”, when all they have to do is be specific. I actually posted this on my board at work last week: “Being specific allows NO room for doubt or confusion. If you don’t know something, then by all means…please ASK!”
    Sad to so though, you’re right about some men wanting their cake and eat it too. Prayerfully, they’ll come around and realize the damage they’re doing.

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