Relationship Talk: The Foundation

The foundation of all relationships should be Christ. When God is made the center, it’s not that there won’t be problems but he will make a way. Let us have an effective relationship with Christ, and watch it flow over to our romantic person to person relationship. See poem from The Abused Exposed With Secret Angel

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Intimacy is my goal,
with the Creator of my soul.
Covered with His Love,
like wings of a dove.
No one can find me,
while hidden in Thee.
Feeling so safe,
in that Secret Place.
That place in His Heart,
where restoration starts.
Protection and guidance,
with a Perfect alliance.
Total trust and faith,
our relationship makes.
Developing an intimacy,
with a total dependency.
For He is my Guide,
and I’ll walk by His side.
I trust Him with my life,
and when I’m to be a new wife.
No longer totally trusting man,
unless God gives me his hand.
Every moment of the day,
I seek Him to guide the way.
For I have lived with wrath,
but now He guides my path.
He has delivered me,
and totally set me free.
I was broken and rejected,
but now expect the unexpected.
I was tricked and deceived,
but now miracles I believe.
The world broke me then,
but He transformed me again.
So now I walk in faith,
and prayerfully wait,
for nothing is impossible,
for the One who makes all things possible

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3 thoughts on “Relationship Talk: The Foundation

  1. Thank you so much for using my poem. I appreciate it as we rise up together to reach out to those who are broken and to reach some before they make the mistakes many others have made… Many blessings to you…

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