Silence……. Stand Still

God is so amazing. He used one of my pieces to encourage me and remind me of his promise that he will fight for me. Are you going through something today. Be silent and stand still. God will work it out for you.

Arise Woman

While sitting in the living room, my mind just started pondering on why we go through trials, test, mess and “graha’s” sometimes. I was then directed to Exodus 14. Many of you may not know the story so let me explain. It speaks about Pharaoh letting the Israelites go and then in realizing his mistake, wanted them back. So he sent out his army to retrieve them and the people were filled with fear and started to murmur and complain. They thought, that they had left where they were slaving for a king to be murdered in the wilderness. What they saw was bondage being better than freedom at the time because they saw death. What they didn’t know was, God was getting ready to prove to them that he is God. Moses their leader had to assure them not to be afraid but to stand still. Exodus 14:13 – And Moses said to the…

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