Daily Word: The Second Chance

Genesis 4: 1 – 15; 25-26  And Adam knew his wife again, and she bore a son and named him Seth, “For God has appointed another seed for me instead of Abel, whom Cain killed.


God has an amazing ability to give a second chance right about the time you are ready to give up. Ask Eve. Surely she was overwhelmed with despair and hopelessness when the news came to her, “Your son Abel is dead, killed by his brother Cain and Cain has run away in fear for what he has done. “Eve’s cry had to be, ” How could this be?”

She had been given two sons but now her arms were empty and her heart wracked with unbelievable pain. How on earth could there be anything “gracious” to come out of that awful mess? How could God do anything that would say to Eve, “I know you are hurting and I will give you another chance”? Seems like impossible task, doesn’t it? But then…. that’s what God does best. He does the impossible in the face of the inconceivable. That is what what grace is all about.  It is favour in a hard place. It is his goodness when bad seems to prevail. It is his love in a loveless situation. Grace is all that God is in the face of all that we are not, Grace is God’s gift in a barren place of hopelessness.

So, it was grace that gave Eve a second chance. It was grace that gave Eve her Seth and so it will be grace that will offer you a second chance in your most confused sand hopeless moments.

If you are in need of his grace in your life, tell God about it. Call on his name and ask him, to do for you what you absolutely are incapable of doing for yourself. He will answer you and you will be  amazed at what kind of second chances he has waiting for you.






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