Women’s Digest: When We Say Yes.


Do you have a yes heart or not? I can tell you, its only been a year and a couple months since I’ve gotten back in communication with God and I have spent most of that time saying NO to him. For everything he told me to do, fear would grip me and before you know it, I’d dismiss the thought, feel guilty for a short while and move along. This didn’t stop until people died. Am I a murderer? No. If they were to die, they would but dying without having a chance to know Christ, I took responsibility (though there are others to minister). God told me to do something where many hearts would be reached and I didn’t. When I got the call that a person I knew very well died, I cried uncontrollably but not from a place of grieve but rather disobedience. I felt so guilty for not obeying God. God actually ministered to me asking how many more would go and I said no more because I was going to forget fear and say YES Lord. All God needs is a vessel to use and I was about to make this vessel available.

I only realized that after yes to God that I was then blessed with the Spirit of tongues. Something I’ve been praying for, for months.  What caused it? My obedience. The event is now being planned and so far because I said yes to God, all I’ve received was yes. That is something to give thanks for. When you obey, lives are changed, including yours. God speaks more, he shows you more. Is God ministering to you to do something? Maybe it’s something as small as giving your FAVOURITE blouse to the lady down the street. Are you obeying or finding it hard to separate with it? Do you know that if you die today the blouse would be given to someone and you would be judged for not being obedient rather than blessed for being obedient? When we say YES, God says Yes. I have seen the hand of God move in a more fascinating manner when I said YES. Adopt a YES HEART for God. He is waiting on you divine, inspirational, virtuous anointed sister. SURRENDER.



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