Women’s Digest: When We Say Yes – Part 2

say yes

Saying yes isn’t always a spiritual thing. Meaning, though you are saying yes to God, you aren’t always saying yes to a deeper spiritual experience but also to personal change.  You are saying, “Yes Lord. I want your patience to invade my desire to fly off the handle. Yes Lord, I want your perspective to keep my emotions in check. Yes Lord, I want your provision so things don’t seem so overwhelming. Yes Lord, I want your courage to do what I feel you are calling me to do. Yes Lord, I want and need more of you in every moment.” Wanting God in every moment means that you are saying yes to his guidance and direction for your life. Now saying yes isn’t always easy because it brings it’s testing.

I’ve recently been placed in a zone of being alone because I said yes to God. See The Lost. Seeing people who I care about leave my life was not easy but God knew what he was and is doing. For a short period, I felt like it wasn’t worth it and I wanted to give up just to keep my friends but then I remembered my life before Christ and compared it to now. I was not willing to risk such a wonderful feeling and place I currently live in. So I even said yes to my pains, knowing that it will turn around for me. You may consider yourself as ordinary but God loves to take ordinary people and do extraordinary things. All God wants is a yes from you to bring change to your life, your home, your community, your country and the world through you. Would you say yes?



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