Hour of Power


I just entered my door having the sweetest feeling in the oddest moment. Usually on a Sunday evening, our church has a service called Hour of Power. With school reopening, this semester brought it’s odd days of classes, Saturdays and Sunday mornings, the day/time I usually go to church. With this, I decided that I would attend “hour of power” to replace Sunday morning services and this was such an evening. However, there was a great difference. Upon reaching to San Fernando (Trinidad), which requires me taking two vehicles, I was surprisingly informed that there was no service due to a graduation being held in the church’s auditorium. You can only imagine how I felt. At first, I pretended to be cool but as the reality struck me, I started asking God why. Why was I here? I started thinking that I should have followed my mind and stayed home. This predicament would not have been mine. Then God ministered to me, “There is purpose in every happening”. As I jumped in the taxi to head back home, two gentlemen came in and sat on both sides of me. That’s when my hour of power began.

Although I was ministered to, there was a war going on in my mind, so I started to praise in the midst of the haze to confuse the enemy. While singing, I got the urge to minister to the gentleman on the right of me. Right there I started battling with God in my mind. “No Lord, I am not doing this”. Then I tried convincing myself that it was somehow  me  and not God saying to do this. He confirmed it was him when I felt his presence dissipate for a while. That still didn’t stop me. I proceeded to say “God might be angry with me for a little while but I’ll pray for forgiveness and it will be all over”. I guess he was not having that. So the heavy conviction came. “If this man is to die tonight without you ministering to him, you will be held accountable. Really God? This is what you are doing to me? Those were my thoughts. So I sucked it all up and asked the man very softly, What is your name to which I got an answer. That was the ice breaker. Conversation cranked up and eventually got to the point of him saying, “Oh. You are a Christian”. That was my opportunity and I took the dive. We got our destination but continued talking after we got out of the vehicle. There was something special about this man. I could feel it. I knew the calling of God was on his life. I asked him, “Do you have a bible?” He said, “back home (naming the country he is from)” and there was God again nudging my heart to give him my bible. At this point it felt like I was mindless because I only realized that I just gave away the ONLY bible I have in my possession when I walked off. Not to mention, my STUDY BIBLE.

The response was however priceless and if I had to do it all over again, I would. When I gave the man the bible, he held his chest and said, you are making chills run though my body. His eyes got glassy and I knew God touched his heart. There was God having his hour of power with just two people. He said in a very low tone, “I will never forget you”. In leaving I looked back and the man was still standing in the same spot. I could see the shock on his face and my eyes were filled. Off course the mind wanted to take over again, making me feel that it was me and to compound that, when I told a very close person to me about it as they called, I did not get the response I thought I would. Such a response didn’t sit well with the mental battle. So my tears went from a place of joy and satisfaction to mixed emotions. I had to remind myself that I don’t need approval from men (mankind) but only from God. He said to do it and so I did. I could not see at first why I traveled to south to an non-existing service but God knew that he was about to have his hour of power with me. The mission was accomplished and I now say YAHWEH BE PRAISED.



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