There Is No Comfort Zone

Too often we become complacent in the Kingdom. There is no room for that. There is no comfort zone.

Mind's Seat

comfortzoneAfter personally experiencing the effects of being in a “comfort zone”, I can boldly say there is nothing like a comfort zone when dealing with the Holy Spirit. As I sat on work Friday 20th, 2013, I started praying and asking God why I felt the way I did. I knew something was wrong because demons I never knew myself to have, were beginning to protrude from within me. The effects of this was very appalling and I started feeling so uncomfortable and unworthy. Nothing seemed right. I went from a place of God speaking to me and ministering in such a big way, to feeling like I’m out of his presence. If you’ve ever experienced being out of the presence of God, you will understand what I mean and I’m sure you too will be able to say, that is a place you never want to be. Even to write…

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