Women’s Digest: When We Say Yes – Part 4

say yes

Do you want to see the move of God? You can and you can be the vessel through which it happens.  As women, many of us think of ourselves in such low spiritual esteem that we believe God must use the person with the socially established spiritual name to make a difference. That is far from the truth. God is waiting on you to set your rules and agendas, do’s and don’ts, social graces and proper places aside and follow his command and you will see the manifestation of him through out the earth. Greatness lies within you. Only say YES to his will and way and you will see. He will break your shyness and birth within you a spirit of boldness to do what he wants you to do. Your name may never be recognized worldwide in the earth but it will be established in the heavens. Imagine you being the talk of the Kingdom. I don’t know about you but I can’t think of anything sweeter and more fulfilling than that. Will you be a radically obedient woman today? It is the call of the radically obedient woman who makes the choice to say yes to God and when you say YES, prepare yourself to be blown away by what he does with you.



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