Daily Digest: Steadfastness


To be steadfast is to be loyal. I would say, that I am very loyal to exercising. If it’s not done, I feel like a sloth. So at least four days of the week I MUST exercise. May I add, sun or rain. Then I started thinking, am I steadfast in my spiritual life? Do I place such emphasis on getting the work of the Kingdom done as I do on getting my body to its best state? As much as I would like to say yes because of all I do, I would  not. Why? For the fact that at times when I feel “in the dumps” as we say (forlorn), I tend not to pray or read my bible. Though I’ve known this to happen to many people, I looked at Paul and Silas in Acts 16 and admired their steadfastness. It is with this meter I measure myself. These men were stripped, publicly humiliated, beaten and incarcerated and still did what was commanded of them. They even won souls while being held behind bars. Can you do this? Can you be so steadfast? We should aspire to be like this. It is what God requires from us. We may not live in a country where we are physically persecuted and persecution may not come from such external sources but we should be steadfast to the point of dismissing emotions. Sounds weird but it’s quite doable. When we set our minds on things above and not under (earth) as Colassians 3:2 says, issues becomes more bearable because the weight of it is being carried by God.

We are yet to feel persecution like Paul and they did, yet we find it hard to commit to even smaller duties for God. I am not saying to be religious or allow yourself to become a ritual junkie but I’m saying to be loyal to the mandate. When we follow the direction of the Holy Spirit he takes us to a higher place spiritually and physically. Sister or brother, stop complaining about the cleaning of the church. Be steadfast and you will be rewarded accordingly. God loves a cheerful giver and giving also entails service. I was convicted about my steadfastness and as I said before, I pray, read, write and much more everyday but God thinks that something is lacking and so he spoke. Maybe you are lacking in some way. Ask God to show you. Apart from that, evaluate yourself, using the word and ask, “Am I steadfast? Am I really doing what is required of me by God, no matter the cost?”



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