Daily Digest: Your Treasure


Matthew 6:21 – For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

This verse can be applied to our lives in many aspects. I am not sure if people would have realized, that apart from spiritual knowledge, the bible is a guide to life and if adhered to, a successful one at that. I’m back out to school for another semester and though the term is still young, the struggles of studying has already began to hit me. I find myself doing all sorts of things (most which I deem constructive), other than studying. This is the first morning I’m getting up early to get some much needed studying done. Then I remembered this verse but not on a spiritual level. Is my treasure in life, to be a Holy spirit filled, successful, very educated and fully equipped individual in this world? Yes it is. Is my heart where my treasure is? At the rate I was going, I would say no. Why? In order to fulfill my desire, I would need the requirements to do so. This happens to be effortless and great amount of studying, research, etc. Thankful enough, I got a grip today and intends to hold on to it.

I’m telling you this, to say this – The things you want will never come to you. You have to go to it. Your heart must be in it. You must not just want it but have a passion for it. Passion propels dreams. You can dream all your life and never put an effort into realizing the dream, it will only be a dream. If your treasure is to be a doctor, then your heart must be in your studies and all the other attempts to better your chances and enhance your knowledge of being one. This goes for any dream or desire, spirituality greatly included. Where is your treasure? Is your heart where your treasure is?



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