Daily Digest: It’s The Little Things

“The simple things we miss are mostly the things needed to make a difference in our lives”. – Candace Cudjoe

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Though my experience encompassed around this quote is spiritual, it can be applied carnally as well. As I would have written before, I was going through a comfort zone in my spirituality. After nights of crying and pushing to go deeper because I hated the feeling, God ministered something so amazing to me. “You are missing the little things”. I usually would get up on a morning and pray (using my prayer list which covers my life in a nutshell) but as of lately was not doing so. Not because I didn’t want to but because I was just busy in doing other things. Many of which are circulating around Arise Woman. So may be to me, I didn’t need to stop and spend that five minutes praying because I was doing things for God. Yea Right. The little thing that I was missing, happened to be a very integral thing.

Have you ever found yourself extensively searching for something, only to realize it was  right in front of you all along? I know I’ve been there. Even when solving a Mathematical problem we try so hard because it’s called Maths, when the answer is looking at us because the question is so simple. Sometimes we need to stop and pay attention to the little things. These things tend to make the difference in our lives. As India Arie says “It’s the little things and the joy it brings”. Such a true statement. Since, I’m back on track with my morning devotion being done properly, I am experiencing an even greater joy. Stop and analyse for a while. You might just be missing the little things. HAPPY SUNDAY!!!



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