Prayer for the in Between

Mind's Seat


You’re in between
God hears and sees your tears
In the middle
Believing yet hurting deep within
Life is rough
On tempest tossed to and fro

He hears your wounded heart
Abused, torn and tattered
A spirit longing to be loved and understood
A thousand insults stabbing you
robbing you of joy
eating away at you
tearing you to pieces not quickly, but slowly, painfully
dying a slow but seeming certain death of spirit, then body

You cry out in the lonely night
The Enemy whispers that all you do is in vain
Don’t believe, precious child, the lie from the pit of Hell

I too have been in between
tossed about on a raging see of my abuse
The names that came from a father’s tongue
filled with darkness, no light did they shine
You’re lazy, stupid, a clumsy fool
A cesspool of grime and gore
A nothing…

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