Daily Digest: Speak It And Receive It?


“Speak it and receive it” – The infamous phrase of the Christian fraternity. I guess verses like Matthew 21:22 – And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive”, enhances the misconstrued belief of name it and claim it. So many times we encourage people to say it and it shall come to pass without informing them of the requirements. You cannot move God into action if he does not know you. If you are not living according to his word (obeying the law), how do you expect him to extend his arms to you? It’s like not obeying the law of the land or doing things to build character in it but expecting to receive and honourary award from it. Then there are those who can speak it but speak it with such frailty that the winds takes it away. It’s either lack of faith or in some cases if you are trying to get over an act of sin, speaking it but walking into it. It’s like a drug addict saying “I declare I am no longer a drug addict” BUT spends his time in the ally or houses where the drug is being taken frequently. When you speak the word, you also have to act on it. The bible say FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD – James 2:17. So you can believe with all your heart that you would or can stop, if you don’t act on it, as in put some form of restraint in place, then the “sagar” will continue. Your works and Gods promises to keep you and never leave nor forsake you will be unstoppable. Yes you can speak it and receive it but there is a big BUT.



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