Daily Digest: Fighting Temptations


How do we fight temptations? By using the word. Not mentally but verbally.  Jesus was tempted by the devil after his forty day fast and he only overcame his temptations by speaking the word of God. See scripture: Jesus Tempted In The Wilderness – Luke 4: 1 – 13. That is why it is imperative that we spend time in the word so we can live by the word and apply it where needed. What constantly fools us, is that we think after overcoming once, the enemy will allow us to live freely. He tempted Jesus three times and the scripture said, he the left WAITING FOR THE NEXT OPPORTUNITY. So three times still was not enough. We need to be forever prepared for the attacks of the enemy. Temptations are not easy to deal with but are bearable when the word can be applied. Are you facing temptations? How are you dealing with it? Where are you most weak? How are you preparing yourself to deal with it?



2 thoughts on “Daily Digest: Fighting Temptations

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