Daily Digest: Social Media


Social Media has proven to be an excellent idea. It has enhanced live globally causing people to connect to friends and family from different parts of the earth, as well as business wise. However, with its awesome power it can also destroy lives, especially spiritually. You may wonder how? Before we had social media, people spent more time communicating with God. Now Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc has taken precedence over him. People may quicker pick up their phones to see messages when they awake from sleep, than grab their bibles or start their day with a prayer.

God is asking for more of you in prayer and the word and less of the social media. Understand that it is there to be used and can be used even for him but we still need to receive of him to live effective spirit filled lives. Don’t allow social media to consume your life and slowly send you down the wrong path. If you’ve found yourself being consumed by social media, this would be a good time to cut if off for a while, and enter in the throne room. Seek out God more and hear what he has to say. See where he leads you. Don’t fall prey to the social media bandwagon.



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