Leadership: Should Women Be Silent?

This post may or may not raise a few eyebrows or probably stir up some passions for which I ask of you to share with me in the comment box below. 


Should Women Be Silent?

Growing up as a child in a pastor’s home, I’ve heard many points on women and leadership. Some for, some against. To be against, scripture verses such as 1 Corinthians 14: 33 – 38 were used as a biblical point of reference. After all, it came from the word of God. However, in this present time, which we call the last days or the end times because of fulfillment of prophecies, churches are still asking their women to be silent. In my humble opinion, that is suppression of the Holy Spirit. You may ask why? Simply because of  Acts 2:17 – “‘And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

The word daughter is very vivid in the verse and again I say, we do deem these as the LAST DAYS. So to answer the question, I say no. However, with that comes order and not just order but heavenly order. Let’s face the fact.  Women have developed immensely over the years. We have stepped into an era of being leaders and great ones at that. Does that then give us the right to be disrespectful to our men folk? Obviously not. It was ordained by God from inception that a man is the head and God is the head of the man. So that, even though you are a powerful woman of God, if you desist to abide by heavenly structure that simply makes you disobedient. I am not saying to enslave yourself to the ruling of a man even when it’s biblically wrong but in dealing with it, ask God for his leading and direction because he is not the author of confusion, 1 Corinthians 14:33.

I am no expert on women leadership or the intricacies of leadership but what I will say is that women should not be held silent. God promised to pour out on his people, not a specific gender. He is ready to move in the earth and we have to avail ourselves to him. Be it man or woman. If you abide in a church where they require you to be silent, PRAY and let God lead you into his direction of what he needs you to do and when. Now is not the time for the church to be sleeping or battling on whether a woman, should or should not minister the gospel. This is time to get radical for we are indeed in the last days. Do not constrain the Holy Spirit but rather allow women to avail themselves and let God pour out on them as promised. The enemy is campaigning while we are battling trivial issues. TALITHA CUMI – damsel arise and break the silence for the kingdom. Be however, discreet, always remembering Gods heavenly structure so that you do not become spiritually conceited and disrespect our warriors (the men).

Women can be leaders in whatever way God chooses to establish them. Let us realize that gone are the days of gender affairs in the Kingdom of God and now is the time to total surrender. TALITHA CUMI.


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5 thoughts on “Leadership: Should Women Be Silent?

  1. The point is, women are still asking for permission from men to minister for God. You would think Acts:17 would have cleared that up. Many will not forbid prophesy for women because Acts 2:17 is what it allows (they have to). But, if a woman stood up in the Congregation in a Spirit of Prophesy, would the men allow it? In most churches, no. Lets, not kid ourselves.

    • There are men who would and others who won’t. Women should not remain quiet but men too should allow the Holy Spirit to move. Thank you for this comment. You’ve just brewed another blog. God bless. 🙂 #arise

  2. Thank you for your friendly response. 🙂 I have attended Pentecostal churches all my life and there has never been a problem with women using thier gifts. Maybe women attending the business meetings of the church ( why?), but never gifts. The problem with alot of churches and thier practices concerning women is that they try to present a united front on the ‘plainness’ of scripture. In practice however, thier teachings are all over the map and could vary from total freedom for the sisters to extremely oppressive legalism.

  3. Christine Carlson-Thies put it well when she said, “The Bible speaks of all this transformation and empowerment as offered to believers without any qualification by gender. Yet, for traditionalists, while a male’s renewal in Christ leads, at least potentially, to offices of authority within the church, renewal for females does not. This leads to two varieties of salvation: blue for boys, with renewal, empowerment, and authority all hanging together; and pink for girls, with renewal and empowerment severed from authority.”

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