Pillow Talk: Acknowledging The Change

Have you ever took some time off to acknowledge the change you’ve made in your life? No matter how small it is. I had to do that today. After reading a very lengthy and what I would have deemed as insulting comment on my blog, I had to stop and say thank you God for change. Though I fully understand what the person was saying and I do give full consideration to the comment, in times past I would have gotten so upset, brand it as insulting and in responding, make it very clear how upset I was, ensuring that my response inflicted some form of pain. However today, I had a heart-warming smile with myself. Gone are those days and I am very thankful. It is so weird that over these past few days, I have downed myself because I thought I was not changing. I guess God had to show me how wrong I was. All glory goes to him because me in myself could not perform such wonders. Yes, I call it a wonder. lol.


Sometimes we need to stop looking at the negative in our lives and pay close attention to the little changes we make daily. I am so elated and would love to transfer this feeling to you. So I challenge you to stop, drop (in a chair, bath tub, pool, etc) and think (mental fire tip….lol). Look over your life and list every change your recognize. Then celebrate with yourself for everyone  you’ve made. Break the edge off of your life for a moment and acknowledge the change.





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