To Forgive, Or Not To Forgive…There Is No Question

Pillow Talk

Hear See Write LIFE

(It’s been awhile since I’ve written posts this long…but I pray it’s a blessing to someone else)


I recall a time when I was mad at two people for almost two weeks. TWO WEEKS of waking up angry, with the replaying of that particular day in my head.

At that time, God spoke to me and said, “Jacqueline, you are giving them too much power. Here you are walking around angry everyday, and they’re going on enjoying life. They probably don’t even know that you’re mad at them.”

When He put it like that, I let it go. I saw how ridiculous it was to go on that long carrying that load, and when I looked back, it really wasn’t that big a deal.

Well…this time it was…

This time I was so angry that I didn’t want to be bothered with anybody or anything the whole day. I…

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