It’s Not Only Sex

I am not sure how many would agree but for most church folks, when you hear about sin, sexual immorality (in and out of marriage), tends to top the list. Even though sin is expounded on in a message, when it comes down to sex, you feel the venom coming forth. Even If you had the thought of fornication or adultery, by the end of the message you would be weeping from guilt of the Though it may have its good, I was reminded that SEX (before marriage in my case) is not all.

Last night I had the opportunity to host an event and model for a new agency in Trinidad and Tobago. After the show there was an after party and even though I was leaving (which I did), one of the models pulled me back inside to dance (to secular music) with her. I shook my leg for literally a couple of seconds and then left. Well ,well, well. Little did I know that I would wake up this morning to  a guilty feeling. Even I found it weird as to how guilty I felt. In my mind, I’m saying, but I didn’t do something as bad as fornication. I just shook my leg. However, the Holy Spirit was saying something else.


I am still trying to come to terms with it for all the possible reasons;  trying to convince myself that within those seconds, I did not do anything wrong. I would have been cool in feeling this way, if I performed some form of sexual immoral act. That’s where the fact comes in, that sex is not the only existing sin. Sin is anything that does not align itself with God.

This post is just a reminder that we should not live by society’s strata’s of what sin is  (big sin and small sin) but what the word of God says it is. Sin is sin. Wrong is wrong and will never be right. I am very thankful for this experience. Things like these only makes you stronger, wiser and more solidified as a person in Christ. Lets all be cognizant of the fact that sin is way deeper than sex, murder, drugs or anything that is deemed as a big sin.



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