Wrong Meter

Having friends and family that we look up to is a good thing but with that comes its bad. The esteem we would usually hold them at, can either make or break us. Confuse? I hope by the end of this post, you will understand.

A friend once told me, often times people get hurt is through disappointment. Disappointment which comes from people not being where we expected them to be or where we placed them in OUR minds. I happened to be a victim to that. Not once or twice but several times. Due to how society perceive certain things, being open has always been difficult for the average human being. I am sure many of you can attest to an occasion, where you were open with someone only to hear your conversation from another, probably a while after. Betrayal in all it’s glory which leads to gross hate, hurt, anger and fury. This goes for the people we usually look up to. They themselves are sometimes afraid to let the world know the truth and thus paints a “perfect” picture for us to see.


Things becomes difficult when we measure our lives against theirs. When we begin to use them as our meter to live. Again, I too was a victim of that and so because of the perfect picture these people painted in my eyes, when I slip up, I would dig my heart out and fret non-stop. Well I guess God was saying enough is enough. Things started to be revealed to me and I was not only shocked but hurt that I was eating up myself all the time, when I was in a better place than some of these people. Now understand that you are not to judge them but rather pray for them.

However, I realized that though I may have “role models”, my ultimate role model should be Christ himself. When it comes to measuring myself, even though some people may profess Christ, at the end of the day, they are HUMAN BEINGS and are subjected to mistakes just like I am, even if they do not want to admit their weaknesses to their on lookers. Some of you may say, I’m wrong to have allowed myself to reach such a point of living my life through people and I agree. In an empty place, something like this would feel right and there were and still are many others like me.

Sometimes it’s difficult to step out on your own, not relying on anyone but God said he will never leave us or forsake us. Sometimes we need to let go of the meters because they are wrongfully perceived and we either pressure ourselves or wine up getting hurt. As I mentioned before, having “role models” is a good thing but we more so needs to define ourselves in Christ and learn as we go along. The bible says in Phil 2:5, among other verses that we are to be Christ like. After my discovery of some truth about the individuals I looked up to, I was thought the lesson of not looking at the wrong meters. When you want a perfect example, it is right to look at Christ himself. He was a man just like us but never sin or made a mistake. What more or who more should look at? People may fail you in their attempts to seem perfect but God never will.

Were you ever in that situation? Are you there now? It’s time to change meters. Keep your eyes focus on Jesus and he will sustain, guide, transform, keep and preserve you.



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