Daily Digest: It’s More Than Saying


How often do we make promises to ourselves that winds up being “empty promises”? Yesterday while I talking to a friend, I realize that I was being so positive and “victorious” in my speech but action was emanating far from that. I am sure he was left with the impression that I had it all together. Before the realization of what I’m about to explain, even I was caught up in the words. There were many words but very few actions. Yes, I know of having the positive mentality and speaking it into being but with speaking it comes acting on it.

James 2:26 – For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

Speaking it is faith, acting on it is work. That’s like declaring, you having your dream job but never doing the degree for it or even sending resumes. So is it the same with overcoming situations in your life. As much as you say, “From today I won’t’, you have to make a decision to also act on it. What I’ve realize is, working on a problem daily rather than giving yourself a lengthy period is better. Why? As you fight it daily, it becomes a habit and eventually a lifestyle. An extensive period leaves room for many hurtful disappointments. At least in my opinion, it’s better to say, “Today I won’t”, everyday than “This year I won’t”. Overcoming is more than saying. You MUST act on it, some less radical than others, but you MUST act on it to ensure total restoration or proper assassination of the problem.

With this in mind, I’ve purposed in my heart to act on a few things that’s eating me out. What would you? Would you start acting on some things?



8 thoughts on “Daily Digest: It’s More Than Saying

  1. Yes, and I have. Turning my life around by seeing it differently was my goal – and I went from negative thinking to positive thinking by working at it every day. The action was proceeding with everything from a positive standpoint rather than a negative one – you do things differently when you see and trust that all is well. Not only did I get more achieved, my health improved, my fears disappeared and I began a new life by making the one I had been waiting for happen.

    What you say works. It does become a lifestyle.

    Cheers! 😀

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