Daily Dose: No More Compromise

I know this all to well. Thank God for radical obedience. No more compromising

Testimonies of His Goodness


John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Today I write from a place of renewed strength. I once had a fire for God and the things of God, but somewhere on my journey I began to compromise.

Compromising began in my mind first, then it found it’s way into my conversations and soon enough in my actions. I can’t trace compromise back to it’s roots. I don’t know the date or time when I started to entertain things that I knew where contrary to what my Father wanted for my life. All I know right now, is that I don’t need to see the root of this problem to change it, the fact that I can see a stem to hold on to means I can hold firm and root it up.

It’s like a carrot; you don’t see the vegetable but in…

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