Pillow Talk: He Is Not Typical

Influence plays a critical role in the lives of human beings. It comes from two poles (made up of subsets), which either causes a person to be influenced into doing right (God) or wrong (Devil). When it comes to Christianity, some moves can sometimes be misconstrued, causing people to think, that an individual was influenced by the devil. Though this is a very touchy issues, since the line of influence is so thin, I thought it would still be valuable for us to understand that God moves in mysterious ways and we must be careful to what we obey and disobey.

Pretty young woman with arms raised

For example, my friend got a leading of the Holy Spirit to visit another church last Sunday and because it may have caused some tension in her own church, the act of her going would have riled some people, causing them to think that she was not being influenced by God, since he is not the author of confusion. What would you say? Who was her influence? If you were to hear the experience of the visit and how smoothly things played off after she did attend another church, would you believe that God was her influence? What would have happened if she obeyed “man ” over God is that a blessing/s or a word to propel in ministry would have been lost but to the typical man, her influence to visit another church (which would raise heads) would have been an evil influence.

Tonight I saw this revealed to me again. My friend and I were on our way to School of Prayer (Theology Class on Prayer).  Half way to our destiny and being stuck in thick traffic, I told her to turn around. It felt a bit awkward for us both because we believe that the move might have been somewhat wrong (typical thinking). However God knows what he was doing. Being in the middle of planning an event, of all months, this month happens to be the month I am financially strained. Three quarter of my salary was going into the event and the other quarter, my tithes and rent. As soon as I entered my door, I received a message that informed me of some cash collection in an hours time. Had I been in South, this opportunity would have been missed. Was my influence to turn back evil? I would think not. Sometimes we look at things  and brand it as not God because it didn’t come all dressed in white or through our typical approach to what avenues God would use. God is not typical; he is unfathomable and cannot be traced but only trusted.

My mother always says in her prayer “Father where I can’t trace you, I’ll trust you” and that is something to be adapted. Yes, there are times we would be able to see it for what it is but we must never reach to point of classing God based on the few deciphered moments. Understand that God is God and can do the unthinkable and do so through any avenue. Maybe something  odd is occurring in your life now and you are denying that it’s God because it seems unusual. I am not saying that it is God but I will say this, “Do not dismiss it”. Just pray and allow God to reveal it to you. He protects his own, so you need not be scared but just trust him. My friend did and so did I. Tonight I can say it payed off, spiritually and financially consecutively. A clear indication that God has no specific genre or medium of operation. When he moves, he moves. He is not typical.



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