Pillow Talk: Venom

Temptations are like venom. They slowly seep through our minds, as venom the body and if not dealt with, with urgency, can and will destroy us. Our insides would be slowly eaten out, eventually leaving an empty shell for a hungry soul to live in.

After not being home for a while, I came home to the sounds of temptations. It was so odd, that as soon as I entered the door, I got this eery feeling that something was wrong. What was wrong was the atmosphere. It felt so heavy and gloomy, though the outside was filled with a beautiful crimson sunset. What a contrast. Then came the sound produced by such environment.

The flesh was ready and willing to take over but I thank God for his Holy Spirit that does not bear witness with the likes of those and so I was moved to take drastic action, which would drown out all temptations and distractions. However the venomous effect had already taken place. As soon as I was pricked by the still yet moving beast of sound, it excreted an urge inside of me that felt like it was going to cripple all that I have been praying and talking to God about.

This post is coming from a place of warning for you. Be vigilant. Do not allow yourself to entertain and become saturated by anything that is not of Christ. If you ever had vodka or any alcoholic beverages with like effects, you would understand when I say, it’s a creeper. Do not allow yourself to be lured in. If you smell temptation from afar, RUN. The Bible says to shun the very appearance of evil. Take note, not in the event of evil but the appearance. Do not allow yourself to be poisoned. I recommend that you read Colossians 3 and allow it to flood your mind. Soak it in.

I was one hand away from falling prey to the situation. Thank God for Jesus and his grace that kept me. Fight the venoms of this life. Fight it with the word, prayer and fasting. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. Do not allow your temple to become contaminated.



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