Daily Digest – Protocol

We often burst in excitement when we think about the blessings of God. Our hands itch as we have them outstretched to receive from him. The product of knowing God becomes contaminated mentally and so we forget that the reward of worship is God and sees it as the fancy car, house with the pool and those Gucci shoes we’ve always wanted.

We pay very little attention to the stipulations or requisites to receive blessings. You may beg to differ since to many, they receive what they long for even though they don’t follow protocol. What protocol does she speak about you may ask? The Protocol of obedience.

When you read Deuteronomy 28 you would see that it is WRITTEN, when you OBEY the statutes of God, you will be blessed. As I said before many may disagree because they receive even though there lives are not in accordance to the word. However, we need to understand that with obedience comes those special blessings that have been locked up just for you. In order to received the best of what God has for you, protocol must be followed. I wrote about the power of obedience before, referencing Abraham’s reward for being obedient and so to Jesus’s. (Suggestion: Read Gods promises to them both for their obedience )

Probably you are praying for that special something and wondering if God is not hearing you. Ask yourself, am I being obedient to him? Am I walking according to his precedence? Am I following protocol? These questions would unlock the treasure in which you seek and propel you in your walk with Christ. The abundance of your blessings lies in the abundance of your obedience.



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