4 Days Before and Strong


This piece is more of an open declaration and an advance testimony of God’s goodness for Arise Woman’s first event to be held this Saturday, January 11th. After hiding, bobbing and weaving and trying to matrix the call of God on my life to do this event, I finally surrendered and began planning. During that/this time, I have been faced with battles beyond comparison to any other I’ve ever been through. I’ve seen things and people disappear from my life while simultaneously receiving the right ones and believe I know they are the right ones. This has not been easy though. It took a lot of courage and strength in order for me to remain standing and still considering ministry at all.

Today is now Monday, four days before the event. From inception to now, I have already received a phone call from one of the ministers that they won’t be able to minister at the function again. Apart from that some necessities are still needed and in looking left, right, up or down, I can’t seem to see where the finances would be coming from. However, what I am really amazed by, is the peace that is consuming my heart. It’s almost as if I don’t have a need for anything, the way I  feel. I know that has to be God. Me in myself would have been keeping a cry party in my room tonight but God has embraced me and so I rest safely in my Master’s arms.

I know that Saturday would be dynamic. I can feel it in the atmosphere. I know many lives would be touched and Gods plans would be accomplished. Although he has used me to orchestrate his happenings, I am reminded and ever so sure that this is not about me. This is about him and the building of the Kingdom of God. I am bursting with excitement to give you an account of what the event was like.

Isaiah 54, reminds me that I will not be put to shame and so I stand clear on my Father’s promises and a

wait the movement of the hand of God. He will never leave me or forsake me and so all has already been provided for January 11th in Jesus name. I will be sure to share the testimony with you. Don’t lose heart in your situation. Gods got it.



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