Pillow Talk: Authentic You

I was about to start off this blog by saying, “How many of you” but was quickly reminded that I too fall/fell into that category as well. So I’ll rephrase and now pose the question.

Question: How many of us tries to be someone else?

I am sure many would respond by saying’ that they love themselves and would never try to be anyone else. It’s actually funny when I think about it. Why? Because although our thought processes allows us to think that way, our body conforms to patterns without even realizing at times. Have you ever noticed that after spending quality time with a particular person, you begin to use phrases they  would normally use and vice versa. It happens so sudden that sometimes it is only noticed when made mention of. Is it that you are trying to be someone else? In such a case I would say no. However if you are not careful, there to you can easily become consumed by behavioural patterns and lose your own.

In speaking about the authentic you though, I would like to touch on it from the view point of you not understanding who you are and trying to live the life of another. There are people who are never satisfied with what they have to bring to the table of life. They would start off with one thing and by the time there eyes fall on a person doing another, they begin to scuff at their gifts and covet another person’s. For those of you who are acquainted with the Bible’s teaching, you would know that covetousness is a sin. Someone once told me that they had the notion of “If they can do it, I can do it too or even better”. To me, this is not a bad statement if it stands as a pillar of motivation for determination but it definitely is, if it’s used for competition.

We were all created for a purpose. Be it great (name recognizable) or small (name not world renowned), I believe in terms of importance, there is equilibrium. I never reached the point of wanting to compete someone for their purpose but I have had thoughts of, “why that wasn’t me?” That too is a dangerous place to be because it can be easily acted upon and create friction. It is my belief that each person’s purpose holds greatness in it and so we should be happy with who we are. If you cannot draw, don’t force to. It’s not your calling but probably you can bake the best cheese cake. Nothing is wrong with that because that gift can turn into a fortune box.

We were all created with unique physical features and so too are our purposes in this life. Appreciate yourself for who you are. Do not try to become someone else. God did not make a mistake in creating and depositing the gifts he did in you. By trying to trade it in you are indirectly saying, God you did not do a good job. If you are a cleaner because that’s all your hands are good at, then enjoy it. Expand your thoughts on it and watch it grow and transform before your eyes. Be the best person who can be. The authentic you. Trying to be someone else will only bring you happiness (momentarily) but being the authentic you would bring joy, an everlasting awesome feeling. BE THE AUTHENTIC YOU.



4 thoughts on “Pillow Talk: Authentic You

  1. Great question. Too many times the desire to please others and be accepted (at least in my realizations) is what gets us our “Oscar” worthy roles. We end up needing to “find” ourselves. All along we could avoid the re-route if we’d accepted and loved our differences and lived as such. (I’m writing ‘aloud’ to myself)

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