Daily Digest: Doubting Much?

John 4: 50 –  So Jesus saith unto him, “Go thy way; they son liveth (lives)”. And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoken unto him and he went his way.



This is not the first time I am noticing the scriptures saying, when Jesus said, they BELIEVED his word and then it became a reality in their lives. Since many things in life operates at an opposite to each other, you can only imagine what would have happened if they DID NOT BELIEVE.

I am an example of doubting God (which is also doubting his word, that is true) for a lengthy period. I would read the word and looked at it marveling at the rewards but insisting that I was not worthy of Gods promises. Think about it. Do you think all these people who came to God for miracles, answers and “food” were born again, saved or Holy Ghost filled and sanctified? I think not. However, that did not deter them from believing when he spoke, yet me, being a child of God saw it so hard to believe God because of my former mistakes and so when things did not manifest, my feelings were sanctioned.

Be informed that the devil is a liar and all he requires to do, is to condemn you and make you feel inferior, after God would have washed you and made you superior. We  need to take example from these noblemen and people who BELIEVED God’s word despite their situations. Even in the face of death they knew that if Jesus spoke their family lives would have been saved.

Are you praying for something and it seems to be nowhere in your view? How about taking a hiatus to reflect. Are you believing in your heart that when you present this case before God he will answer you? (Being honest with yourself). Nothing is impossible with God Luke 1:37 and this you must believe. Doubting equates aborting your results even before it was conceived.

It’s time to let go of doubting and see things manifest in your lives by BELIEVING when God says it will happen. If he said it, then it is already done and will be manifesting into your life sooner than you think. Lift your head for your life has just stepped into a new era. One of hope, love, peace and answers for all those resonating questions in your heart. Whose report will you believe?


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