Pillow Talk: Time of Love


This is the month of love. Within this month, marks a special day to express love. That day is called Valentines Day. Though I am not against it and I enjoy the extra attention extended on this gracious day, I am left to wonder if many of the celebrants truly understand the meaning of what they are celebrating. The word Love is used so freely that is has now become like a poster left in the sun for years, worn and washed out. The word is misused and thus misconstrued as well. Another thing I ponder on is, “If valentines day is meant to express love, is love only extended to that significant other or people in general”? In my humble opinion, love is love and all should be able to bask in it’s existence. Unfortunately that is not the case and so on VD, many would still be left hurting and wondering if they are insignificant and not worthy of appreciation.

When I read about love in 1 Corinthians 13, I see many attributes of love that are not even an imagination of practice in today’s society and I include myself in this statement. We are yet to know what true love is and if we don’t know love, then we can’t know how to truly celebrate it. As the day is fast approaching, I challenge to read 1 Corinthians 13 and try applying the elements of love into your lives. How about giving yourself a challenge by trying to accomplish most of what is required to say you love, if not all of it for a day. I am quite sure that the person you extend it to, will be very appreciative of the initiative. There are so many people waiting to be loved. Let’s not be selfish with love, since it is not selfish and does not seek it’s own. Lets love each other. A simple radiant smile can make a big difference to a persons day.

Would you take up the love challenge? After all, it’s the month of love right. I hope you do. Lets love and arise.

ARISE – Do you have a challenge loving or being love? Do you feel consumed by it? Send us a prayer request at arisewoman@gmail.com. We would be happy to pray for you. God bless.


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