Pillow Talk: Information Application


It’s been a while since I have written any pieces. This is simply because I was going through the fire. I know in the Christian fraternity, going through the fire is good because it speaks of the cleaning process. It’s often a period paralleled with the purification of gold process. That time when you are placed through heat to be made even more beautiful and for greater service in the Kingdom of God. That’s another topic by itself and I am not going to base on that tonight. Getting back to my fire season. It has not been easy for me but through all the tears, fretting, slipping, wondering what I did wrong (because to me I was walking right), etc, I knew God was there and would eventually answer me. Answer me? That’s where it got funny for me today.

Being short staff, when my boss left, it was just the few office equipment and myself left in the room that felt like a box, unlike any other day. I tried listening to a Benny Hinn message but that did not work. The feeling of oppression became so intense that the only thing that came to mind, was to call someone for them to pray for me. The first two attempts were void and by then, I became even more agitated. The tears began to flow because the comprehension of what was going on, was not there. I pray everyday, read everyday, listen gospel music everyday, fast at least once a week, so what was going on with me? How did I end up in a place where I am feeling like I committed the world of sin. While sobbing I heard a still voice say, “You need not speak to anyone else but me” and the prayer, however little it was, began to come out of me.

By the second sentence, I was asking God for answers for all my “whys” and to my greatest surprise he reminded me that the answers were given to me the last time I was in such a state, which was about a month ago. The information I was searching for all along was before me but there was no application. Then there was the epiphany, that we can be saturated with information but lack of application to the answers or data we have would be futile. It’s like asking for dinner, getting a sandwich and just looking at it. The sandwich will not eat itself. An action from you would be necessary for the consumption of the sandwich.

Forgiveness was all I could have asked for because in failing to apply my God given answer, I was being disobedient. Another reason I would have felt like I did. Disobedience is despised by God and so with all my prayer, the act of disobedience was causing him “not to hear me”. For me this life lesson was learnt in a spiritual way but can be applied to everyday living. Sometimes the answers we seek are before us and are waiting to be used but because we fret and murmur so much, they are hardly seen.

Are you questioning various things in your life? Take some time to reflect and see if for any one of those things there were or is a potential answer. So much time is spent fretting that it causes our mental vision to become opaque. Ask God for clarity of mind and pull back. You never know, the answer might be right in the palm of your hands. Take note though, that it’s not just about the answer/s but more importantly about the application. Failing to apply would result in more depression and the spinning around in mud lifestyle. Get some direction. Start with application.

ARISE – Are you seeking God for answers and wondering when or if it will come? Are you fretting? Fret no more. Send us a prayer request at arisewoman@gmail.com and we would be happy to pray for you. ARISE


5 thoughts on “Pillow Talk: Information Application

  1. Oh, I dearly love your message here; it makes so much sense. In a world of frustration, when so many ask, “Why,” we must look not to God but to ourselves, and ask only for clarification and wisdom to see the answer He has already given us. A wonderful epiphany; thank you for sharing it.

  2. Continue to be encouraged dear heart and know that although the trials of life can some times overwhelm we are not over come. The scripture that helped me face a battle of my own is 1 John 4:4. Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

    Greater is on the inside and He is greater than any problem we face whether it’s a problem of our own making or not. He’s dependable when we’re undependable. I love me some Greater! Blessings in Christ Jesus.

    Rebecca – PS (Thank you for following us!)

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