Pillow Talk : Fear When Not Needed

Tonight as I made my way back home from a friend’s home, I began to laugh at the thoughts in my mind. While walking out of her street, I began panicking because it was just me walking on a lively street. Maybe not as lively as the “avenue” in Port of Spain but it was not that dead. There were other people on the street. Yet fear was gripping me. Many may say, it’s because of the crime rate in my country, by all means, I have the right to feel that way but diving back in time to worst circumstances than tonight’s,  made me laugh at how cunning the enemy is. Yes, the enemy.


Going down memory lane took me to a time three girlfriends and I were going to a nightclub in Port of Spain. When we got the one we intended to go to, things did not work out as anticipated and so we decided to walk to the other club in heels (stilettos and boots). This club was not close to the other and if we could have gotten transportation to get there, we would have. However, with the lime so much on our minds, safety did not get a space to be a thought. We walked along some dismal streets in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Four beautiful young ladies, all dressed in SEXY attire to get to this other night club. Was fear gripping my heart then? No. I was too excited to be the life of the party. Yes I had company but what defense could they have been? Think about it. If a car with three (not even four) men were suppose to pull alongside us and make demands, what would have been our situation. With heels on, running would not have been an option but fear did not exist. God was the furthest thing from my mind but yet he protected us. I can remember a man passing and saying, “Young ladies, where you all going? Take care of allyuh self eh”. Get it now? The places we had to past was grounds for many assaults to happen to anyone of us but that was far from our thoughts.

However, tonight I was not in a place anyway close to that and here I was, being fearful. Even more so knowing God and he promising to give his angels charge over me, I was still walking with a racing heart. The memory gave me a sense of peace and I just had to laugh at the tricks of the enemy. Times when fear should have read at a ten, it was not even lined up for meter reading and the time when I should have no fear but rather just observe my surroundings (as always), I was timid.

Have you ever found yourself in that position? Maybe not in the same as above but probably of other things. Life issues maybe. The enemy play with our minds so much and causes us to fear when we have the word of God to live by. Romans 8:15 says, (Paraphrasing), God did not give us the spirit of bondage to fear but the spirit of adoption where we can call him “Abba Father”. Fear is a bondage. It incarcerate us. Where God is, there should be no fear. So the next time fear wants to raise its head, speak to that mountain and tell it to be moved in Jesus name. Call on daddy – Abba Father and ask him for the peace that he promised. The peace that passes all understanding. Have no fear, Jesus is always there. (Had to rhyme a bit….lol)

ARISE – Are you dealing with fear and don’t know how to start overcoming? I know. I have been there but God is able. Send us a prayer request at arisewoman@gmail.com. We will be happy to pray for you. God bless.


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