Fly like the eagle

This is amazing. It speaks to the season I only came out of yesterday. What a different time that was and just when I felt like giving up, God stepped in. Sometimes we don’t understand but God is a great God and the rewarder of those who seek him.

Mind's Seat

eagle wings

My dear friends:

It is as I have been struggling to recover from asthmatic bronchitis, that the Holy Spirit gave me a thought which  brings me great comfort. I can shine my light even in illness. Through these thoughts the Holy Spirit speaks to my heart to share, I pray that you are given hope that beyond the darkness of your today there can be a far brighter tomorrow.

I admit there have been awfully difficult days. I have cried out to my Lord and asked those why questions many of us ask. Why me? Why do you think I can hold my faith together with all of these struggles You allow? Why aren’t You giving me all the medical and career supports I need? Why do Karen and I have to reach the end of ourselves before it feels to us like You take divine action?

It was through…

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