Bundles of Joy – Children


Children are so precious in the eyes of God, yet sometimes seem so insignificant to us because they are children and may not understand what we deal with as adults. Should that make them less important? NO. We see a perfect example of this behaviour in Matthew 19: 13- 14 where the disciples rebuked the children but Jesus said NO, let them come unto me.


Our definition of loving children is not quite what Gods definition of loving children is. Though this may not be for all, it goes for many. Today I beseech you to pay more attention to the children of this world. Visit a children’s home or hospital or safe house. Somewhere where there is children and let them feel your love. Let them know Jesus loves them and bring a smile to their faces. I will be doing the same (photos will be posted). Let us love our children, let us pray for them, let us bless them, speak greatness into their lives.



PRAYER – Father I thank you for children all around the world. Those who are happy and those who are hurting. They are all precious in your sight. I pray that you bless them and despatch to each an angel to protect them from the wiles of  this earth. I thank you for who they are going to become. Thank you for providing for them daily. Thank you for healing their various diseases. Thank you for letting them know that you are real. I know they will arise to be great generations amidst the debris of this world. I thank you for doing it Lord in Jesus Name. Amen.

children 1


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