Health: Capture My Body

While listening to a Damita Haddon soundtrack, the words “I give you my body” struck me with a bitter-sweet taste. Why? Because I love exercising but I also love some good tasting unhealthy food. We often use the church jargon , “the body is the temple of God” and refrain from what we think would contaminate the body. So we don’t drink, smoke, fornicate, adulterate BUT we eat junk. We mess up our body’s metabolism, we drink little water, eat little greens and then say aloud in our prayer, “GOD HERE I AM USE ME”.


What if God decided to send you on a missions trip in the amazon, where you have to trek for hours, then take a boat across the river to trek for more hours before you reach your destination? Oh but it does not end there. You then, immediately must get into action, declare the message and trek back out. What would be your situation if you do not take care of “Gods temple”. I speak to us both; We must pay attention to our bodies. They house our souls until we die.

This is not just for Christians but for all of mankind. Live has become so fast pace that we even live fast in food consumption. Yes, there are days where you can have a “cheat snack” as they call it but if you can go without it, even better. Live is a journey. Don’t cut yours short by living an unhealthy life. I recently started paying attention to my health for the very said reason I shared above. When I say God I give you my heart, my mind, my soul, my praise, my body, I must give it in the true sense of the word. Externally and internally. Health is a great factor to me where that is concern. How about you?



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