Pillow Talk: Life Plan


God had always had a plan for our life. He had a purpose in mind when he created you. He looked down from the heaven and said, “There is not a person on earth exactly like the person I’m about to create.” And he added, “I have a special mission for that person to accomplish.”

The success of that mission depends on how we follow the plan of God for our lives. But so many times we give up on God’s plan and will and his promise for us, right before it comes to pass. So many times we do what Sarah did when she tried to make things happen in her own strength.

If we take each piece of the puzzle as God hands it to us and obey what he’s telling us to do today, he will care of tomorrow and he will fulfill every word he’s spoken to our hearts. Someday all the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and we’ll see with our natural eyes the beautiful picture of God’s amazing plan.

Excerpt from God’s Positioning System – Lynette Hagin


2 thoughts on “Pillow Talk: Life Plan

  1. I am trying to hold onto the puzzle pieces & put them together bit by bit in the right way. Sometimes though, in my hastiness (God is working on me with that though) I want everything to fall into place N-O-W, but I know in my heart that is not how our God works. I know He is a God of process & some things will just have to be WALKED out. I’ve had quite a few Sarah-episodes where I tried making things happen on my own, or thinking it was MY job to make xyz happen..Always ended in embarassment or something of the sort lol..I know those are God’s little whispers saying “WAIT on me”

    • I understand all too well what you are saying and I will just encourage your encouragement to yourself, while saying to myself to WAIT on the Lord and be of good courage. 🙂

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