The Mirror Effect Life

When I look at you, I must see myself inside of you looking back at me. I must see my glory hitting me back in my face.

Arise Woman

A mirror is a very important thing in any woman’s life. The completion to our look is a last view in the mirror. We don’t feel finished if we don’t look in the mirror and love the reflection we see. I think the only women who don’t rely on mirrors are those who have made a decision (spiritual – e.g. nuns) not to use it. Some men are also great lovers of the mirror. I call them “the pretty boy floyds” (lol). Mirrors were just another piece of household item to me until recently. God spoke to me using one of the things I love and boy did it hit me hard. It was the best revelation I’ve gotten since my rekindled walk with God. I decided to share this with you all because I believe this is what God desires from us.

The week of June 10th – 16th…

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