The Renewed Project

It’s 1:25 am in this part of the world and I am up doing some deep thinking. To deal with certain matters, drastic actions must be taken rather than the subtle at times. There are still a lot of changes I would like to see in my life and though I know that there is a process for everything, I also believe that within that processing period for some situations, the individual needs to push hard or harder if they would like to see it dissipate or transformed faster than what seems like the usual.


Night before the last I had the opportunity of going to a concert called RENEWED and I am now on a drive to see my life totally renewed while taking others on the ride with me. There would be challenges along the way but I know God promise to keep me, so I am pushing hard on this one. As time progresses, I will be disclosing some of the issues at hand and would also love to get feedback from you all.

Though I am the main factor in this, I am doing this for God first but also for a great strong pillar that was introduced to my life. When you find something rare and precious, its natural instinct to cherish it and ensure that you don’t ill treat it or abuse it. With the help of God, I am going to  teach myself a few things and will enlighten you all along the way.

Stay connected for this. I promise it will be deep, personal, eye-opening and life changing.



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