Daily Digest: Beyond Prayer

Should I call this an epiphany? Maybe. For some it might be an already known lesson but I am now learning or so I do believe and I am overwhelmed by it all. Meditation can bring clarification on some issues and such thing happened to me a short while ago. Do you know that some things will only be set straight in your life when you go beyond prayer? Sounds weird to you? I never saw it this way because I grew up being told, prayer changes things. So when it’s wrong, I get down in prayer and believe that it would be alright but that was until now. God began to minister some things to my heart as I laid on my bed this morning and I was and still is a state of awe. Let me share one such thing with you.


A friend of mine asked me to write a letter of request to a highly effective media house in Trinidad and Tobago, since he believed, I had the capability of captivating the addressed person more than himself and with all enthusiasm, I said yes. However, I have lingered with this letter and he has rung off my phone for the past couple days. Initially I didn’t take it on until God told me “make things right”, highlighting this among other things. God is a God of integrity and if I say I am his child then my life must show this. People won’t be there when I pray always but in a case like this, they are ever-present and would be able to say who I am based on what I do. Will they be able to call a child of God or a hypocrite? Yes I know, even if you do good the chances of being called a hypocrite still exist but it is in that realm you will be able to condemn the tongues that rise up against you. This cannot be done if life is not being lived up to Godly standards. I feel guilty and free at the same time. This is just one thing and believe I have already started tackling the rest.

I am not saying that things should be done for blessings, rather that is far from the truth. Things should be done in a particular way because God said so. What things do you need to set straight in your life? Will you work on it? Sometimes all the prayer in the world won’t help because of lack of integrity. I thank God for this revelation as he continues to prune and shape me. Let your word be your word. Stand by it. This goes for other things such as saying thank you,  fulfilling a heavenly order and the list goes on. The change you are looking for might just be beyond prayer.



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