Arise Woman – The poem

Simply amazing

Arise Woman

I got these words in my spirit when I felt like I was suffocating to get The Ladies Corner started and where I really want it to be. I know it was God who spoke to me. Sometimes we want something so bad, we don’t have patience and wish it can shoot of with haste. My mom always said though, “Hurry birds build messesd up nest” and I needed to remember this. So God said to be still. Be still and watch me work. This poem was inspired by my internal struggles but I know I am not the only one struggling. So to you who feels faint heart-ed and tired. God is saying be still. (Psalm 46:10). Trust him and know his timing is the best timing. Feeling down is okay. Staying down is not. Arise and face the day.

I pour my heart and soul out,

Only to hear the shout.


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