True Friends Pt 2

I smile while reading this piece because I did not know I would have had to face more of this, especially with the persons involved. Life is such a teacher, I tell you. One thing I am glad about though, is the lessons I’ve leanrt through friendships and the appreciation I was force to get for myself. Yes, I say force because through much squeezing, I had to open my eyes and see my worth.

Arise Woman

For those of you who read my first blog “True Friends”, this is the follow-up that was promised. For those of you who didn’t, I suggest you do before you get to reading this one. Here is the link to pt 1:

In this article, I will be sharing some of my experiences of friendships and how I got over the hurt  with you. As we all should know, a friend is an addition to your family. Be it internal or external. So that means, just like family, if you argued, it should be just that and even if you and the person stays angry for a couple of days, the love in that friendship should be able to deal with the situation and blow it over. I guess in my former method of choosing friends, or maybe I didn’t have a method and so I just allowed any…

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