True Friends

I’ve leanrt so much more about friendship after writing this in 2012. I did go through some more burning, some of which I am still recovering but that too have caused me to pay close attention to those I call friends.

Arise Woman

What is a friend? If researched, I am sure to find many of definitions and explanations of a friend or friendship. If I had to break it down to my understanding of a true friend, I would use each letter in the word “friendship” to do so.

Forgiving –  Many people claim to be friends but often walk away during rough patches. How can you then define yourself as a friend? I equate friendship to marriage. Reason being, it’s understandable and expected for husbands and wives to disagree sometimes. However disagreement can never over ride love. True friendship is love and will forgive once wronged.  Once you share that genuine bond with someone, no misunderstanding will ever divide that. Even death can’t. You will be physically apart but spiritually connected through memories.

Right – Right? What does she mean by saying right? Exactly what it means. A true friend is a right friend. Often times we…

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