Finding Answers.

Life Reminder: BEFORE you seek MAN, SEEK GOD. He is a God that does not lie, neither disclose your secret. So put your entire trust in him and allow him to work for you

Arise Woman

Answers is something we always need because we always ask questions. There is not a day that passes without us asking out loud or internally and logically speaking, they are  integral in decision-making. People who ask a lot of questions are usually jeered at or called names because to others, they are “to fass” as we say in Trinidad or maybe people feel threatened by their level of curiosity. I ask many questions myself and I learnt to do that the hard way. I was battered (not physically) because of my lack of interest to know more. I was the type of person who would hear and say OK, believing all that was handed to me. To my greatest surprise, I was often dealt a hand of lies and got caught in a web that would eventually hurt me. As I am getting older, what I am realizing is, I got into a web because of where I seek my…

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