The Renewed Project: Keep Ticking

Recently I decided to take some time and read my older blog pieces. I was trying to pay attention to my progress over the almost three years of writing and what I’ve noticed is, there were both progression and disintegration. What was the cause for this? If you are doing something over and over and over, for many years, won’t you become better and better at it? Sure you would. So why was I seeing this “terrible” pattern. Being the person behind the blog and not assuming based on some humanistic system of thinking, I’ll openly say the source of that problem was inconsistency. Now there are the times when God would have pulled me back to deposit some things and that’s fine but I know, there were many times that my desire lackluster and I just didn’t do it. I allowed the feeling of “laziness” to consume me and this led to dry-spells which reflected in my writing. The pattern was clear. For one season my writing would be excellent, out of this world and for another season, I am thinking to myself, “did you really write this? Ugh Candace!” Inconsistency is a choke hole that no one should ever develop. Recently a very special friend of mine said to me, “When you start it, desire to finish it”. It’s better you take it, one thing at a time but desire to finish and “perfect” it.

I feel the very same way about my walk with God. Sometimes I’m up and then at the times I feel like giving up. Though this feeling is experienced by most Christians I know, I still don’t deem it as normal because I am sure they can all agree that most times, this feeling occurs when we lack or dropped in one area or areas which was formally frequently addressed. When you do one thing(one way) consistently after a while it becomes monotonous and the body will not receive much from it. It’s like exercising. A gym instructor will always ensure their clients switch up the routines because too much of the same thing will not be profitable to the muscle. Likewise if you are accustom to reading the bible once a day, there comes a time you will have to read two or three times a day to see growth and progress. If not, the act of repetition will bore you and draw you back from reading. Inconsistency will rare its head.

As I am analyzing my life, with the burning desire to rectify certain traits and patterns with the utmost help of God, I am encouraging you to live a life of consistency. Don’t look at others who might be handling more than one thing at a given time. If you can handle one, then let it be so. But when you start, do it to finish it. Let completion be your goal. A clock only stops ticking when its batteries die. So too should you stop ticking (accomplishing what you set out to do), only when you die. Until then, fulfill your purpose by being just like the clock, being consistent in your ticking.

I will  be twenty – six soon and for some they may consider that age too old to get some things started or some may get weary of continuing. I beg of you not to look at your age. My grandmother was seventy-five years of age, when she got her BA in Theology. Now that’s my kind of woman. A perfect example for me to never give up but keep on ticking. I will keep you all up to date with my progress as I am bent on living out the renewed project.

Submitted with Love – Candace Cudjoe






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