The Provision

Our lives emanate what it’s provided with.

Arise Woman

Oh the joy of living! That was my mindset until that day, when it all started disintegrating before my eyes. What was happening? No job, no money, renting and feeling empty; and what did I do to deal with such an inferior feeling? Started indulging in partying and because my associates were “party animals”, it was easy to get in free and be served alcohol by the glasses. It went from bad to worst because I was trying fill a void in my life. With that came the outer appearance to appeal the eyes of men. My dress code changed from what I would call normal to abnormal. Uncomfortable at first but by the first couple “hollas”, I was in the game. It’s amazing how you think, when you are blind. Other negative seeds were being planted on my soil and were rapidly bearing fruits. At first, I was feeling…

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