Drowning The Inner Man

If you are not consistent with self preservation, the old things you battle can rise to the service again. When we drown the inner man, he MUST remain dead.

Arise Woman

Mental battles can be equated with the  war in Iraq..lol. You may think I am crazy but think about it. According to the depth of frustration arising from mental battles, you can either go mad or die. You would hear people talk about depression and being on pills (which I am not a believer of). Psychologists would give many advice and for some, it works but for most it does not. Mental Battle is the same as “Drowning the Inner Man”.  That’s just my way of saying it. Issues are a daily thing in our lives. If I ever get the opportunity to meet someone who is issue or problem free, I would swear affidavits and change my name. Since I know, such person don’t exist, I will abide by Candace Cudjoe. 🙂 On a serious note though, we all have problems but some of them are brought on by…

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